Tsai Mong Hsuan

A guest. (2022) self-published book, text, calligraphy, photographs.

None of us had period then. (2020, 2022) photographs, text, sound, prints.

Hu Huang. (2021) self-published book, calligraphy, photographs.

Déconfinement. (2021) video.

I say hello to the ground and choose to be happy. (2020) video.

bus. (2018) sound.

Don't forget your personal belongings. (2018) site-specific installation, photographs.

Untitled. (2018) photographs, text.

Don't forget your personal belongings. (2018) text, book.

a book. (2017) one-on-one performance, thin plastic curtain, table, and a book.

It's done by plating. (2017) video.



Last update: Jun, 2024